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Lisa Andres is a Medium, Psychic and Author. She knew she was a Medium all of her life, and started to open up to the idea of using her gift to help others in 2007.  She started doing readings for others in 2009 and began teaching other Mediums later that year.

In 2012, Lisa had a dream that she died; one of those dreams that seem very lifelike and prophetic. As she began to leave her body to follow the white light to Heaven, Lisa exclaimed she was not ready to leave earth yet.  She heard an authoritative voice say thunderously, “Then write the book!”.

That evolved into her first book, Gifted: A Guide for Mediums, Psychics & Intuitives.  In writing this book, Lisa wanted to help others by sharing all that she’d learn and in essence trying to write the book that she’d not been able to find when she’d been opening to her own gifts years before.

Lisa has always been a voracious reader.  The beauty of getting lost in another world through books was something that always seemed magical to her.  Her favorite genre has always been Romance, largely due to the fact that the formula for a romance book usually includes a happily ever after ending.  She’d always wanted to try to write a romance novel, and after her first book Gifted was published, decided to try her hand at the romance genre she’d always loved. The book Dubicki’s series evolved from that experience; Lisa looks forward to writing more fiction in the future.

A psychic reading with Lisa consists with her connecting to the client’s spiritual team and angels to relay information regarding questions pertaining to their own life.  A Medium reading with Lisa consists of her connecting to the other side to bring messages of love to the people here on earth grieving the loss of their loved ones in Heaven.  A Coaching & Mentoring session consists of Lisa working with anyone that wants personal assistance at opening their own gifts as a Medium, Psychic or Intuitive.

Lisa is offering personal readings on a limited basis. Please email lisaandres444@gmail.com for details of availability and pricing. Stay up-to-date on all of Lisa’s happenings on Facebook.



Your reading was so accurate
I want to thank you SO much for the reading tonight! It was so healing to me. So many questions were answered that have been haunting me for years. Your reading was so accurate. You are truly a blessing from God and I thank Him for leading me to you. – Jean in Minnesota

You have a wonderful gift
Thank you so much for the amazing reading tonight. I would highly recommend you to anyone who has questions for their loved ones who have passed. You have a wonderful gift and [are an] amazing person thank you! – Brittany in Minnesota

I truly appreciate your insight and your passion to help others
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading last night. I truly appreciate your insight and your passion to help others. The reading has helped me understand parts of myself that have been hidden for many years. I’m excited to recommend you to all of my friends and family. During my reading, you mentioned that feathers were a sign from my mother and the next day on a walk, I came across a huge feather in my path. I continue to find the accuracy of your gift throughout my days since the reading. Thanks again. -Ann

Lisa Andres is truly gifted
Lisa Andres helped answer some of the questions I have been holding onto for quite some time with my father’s passing and I can hardly wait for some more time to pass to have her be able to speak with my mom and grandma more. She had no idea that he passed from his damaged heart, which she brought through in the reading. She is truly gifted as she would never have known about the face slap my mother spoke of unless it was truly my mother coming through. -Melanie

It was so accurate and true
I had an amazing reading from Lisa Andres. I asked her if I should go back to my old job. She was so right on the spot with what she told me. She said, at first you will be happy, but shortly after she said you will soon feel the way you did when you left the first time. It was so accurate and true. It was almost scary! Great reading, I continue to get more with the same amount of accuracy. Thanks Lisa! -Carrie

Lisa Andres is the most gifted psychic medium I have ever met I had been searching for someone to help me affirm that the things I was experiencing were real. I came across Lisa Andres’ book ‘Gifted’, and after reading it, I decided to contact her for a reading. To my surprise, all the questions I had sought out answers to for years were given to me. AND I had affirmations to the answers I received, as well! I didn’t expect it from this reading, but Lisa Andres was able to connect with a loved one and gave details about him. Lisa Andres is the most gifted psychic medium I have ever met. -Nely

The book ‘Gifted’ is a like having Lisa Andres take you by the hand
Having [the book ‘Gifted’] is a like having Lisa Andres take you by the hand as she has done with her students and walk you through the process. She keeps you grounded and assures you that you can do this. -Bel Marshall, Yahoo! Contributor Read more customer reviews of Gifted: A Guide for Mediums, Psychics & Intuitives by Lisa Andres. bottomshadow

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