How do I know if I’m Psychic or Intuitive?

August 12th, 2013|

Do you relate to the word empathy or empathic?

Have you always felt that you can absorb the emotions of others, for good or bad, and it’s excruciating to sometimes be in strenuous emotional situations as a result?

Does being empathic sometimes feel as if it drains your energy?

You often seem to notice that people have always

Are You A Medium?

August 6th, 2013|

If you have ever thought to yourself “I wonder if I’m a Medium”, you probably are.

When I was growing up, I always knew dead people were around. I could sense them; I didn’t always have to see them to know they were there.
As I grew older, I felt like

What is an Indigo?

July 24th, 2013|

I am an Indigo. I had never heard this term until 2009, when I had the privilege of meeting Doreen Virtue at my Medium certification class. She approached me and said, “Hello, Indigo Warrior”. She repeated that statement several times during the next few days..

Later I went again be

For Authors: How I Became a Writer

July 23rd, 2013|

I started to write my first book when I was 14; a novel for teens, though I never finished it. In my late teens, I started writing songs. At the time I wanted to be a rock star (or something to that effect) and always felt such meaning with

Welcome to my new website

July 15th, 2013|

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my new website, I planned to have this coincide with the release of my first book.

The title of my new book, which should be out within a couple of weeks is

GIFTED – A Development Guide for Mediums, Psychics and Intuitives

It is intended as a resource for