Hi everyone,

I’m in the process of 2 back to back romance Novellas, one for release around thanksgiving, and one in February 2014.  My next Metaphysical book about Indigos will be out in or around May 2014.  I’ve always loved reading fiction, and wanted to write a romance novel and decided to start with a Novella (1/2 the size of a normal novel).

The story is about Kelsey Dubicki, 24 and Jason Rourke, 30.  He’s one of the cities top real estate developers and Kelsey’s family owns a bar/restaurant that Jason’s company wants to buy.  The Dubicki family considers Jason the enemy, which was something Jason could live with; at least until he met Kelsey Dubicki.


Jason stood there for what felt like hours.  When he looked at her, he felt like he was in a tunnel where the only people that existed were the two of them.  There was no rationale for this feeling. He was mesmerized.

Unless there was a business transaction involved, he was not the kind of guy to go into a bar alone, ever. Kelsey was just infecting his brain, his aura, his system.  There was part of him that wanted it to go away so he could realign with his core; The core that focused on business and little else. Still he couldn’t resist whatever this feeling was. It was a delicious nuisance.

That is how he ended up standing in the bar that was Dubicki’s watching none other than the princess Dubicki, Kelsey, slinging drinks all night on the night before Thanksgiving.  If he wouldn’t have been here he would have been thinking about her, so he gave into his desire.

It took a while before he even gained the courage to get in line to get a drink from her.  He had to spend a few moments taking in the beauty that was her.   She had such gorgeous skin tone, somehow looking still as if she’d been kissed by the sun even though the daylight hours became less as winter was upon them.  She had such silky dark brown hair all purposefully back into a ponytail.  He noticed she still had  to control the flyaway hair escaping from the ponytail and he found the very act of her frequently clearing her brow endearing.  When she finally looked up at him, he could see the recognition in her big brown eyes. It gripped him down to his core.  He could see fire in her eyes; she was furious at him for showing up, he knew, yet he suspected that the animation he saw in her gaze was composed of the same conflict he was feeling at the attraction they seemed to share.

As he stood in line waiting, trying to combat against the missteps of the other various drunks spilling their drinks on him, he still could not take his eyes of her.   When he finally got to the front of the line, he had no idea what to order.  He just wanted to be near her.  When she snapped out the question, “What’ll ya have?” he found himself speechless for a moment.

He decided to try their signature drink, The Sharp Tongue, which seemed strangely apropos at the moment.  She didn’t say a word while she made it and handed him his drink.  She was so efficient he had a moment of regret that the exchange was over too fast.  He could do nothing but make his way back through the crowd to the same spot where he’d stood previously to watch her for a little while longer.

Normally he was confident in asking a woman out.  He’d never been a praying man, yet he somehow felt that the obstacle of the impasse of Kelsey being on the opposing side of a business transaction, and thus considered him an enemy, was a roadblock placed by God, if God did indeed exist.  Jason could never turn away from a challenge, and neither God nor Kelsey Dubicki was exception to that.

Copyright © 2013 Lisa Andres