I was recently asked by someone to help them understand Déjà vu. It’s not something I was guided to include in my book, Gifted, but here is my definition of this feeling that you have known or seen something before without knowing how.

I believe that before we come to Earth we plan our lives. That we meet with other people in our soul groups and plan our lifetime. Have you ever had the sense that you just KNEW someone though you’d never met before? Well those may be people that are part of your soul group, or that you have known in another lifetime (more about that in my book Gifted).

In planning your life, you plan certain life events and experiences.  I believe that when we have a flash of déjà vu, or that sense you are familiar with whatever is happening, even though you may not know why, it is likely one of the pre-planned experiences your soul has.

I once heard it described to me as this: Imagine that once you’ve finished planning your life’s experiences (before you are born) you put all those life experiences together in a box.  When you have that sudden flash of déjà vu, it’s recognition somewhere on your soul level that it’s one of your pre-planned experiences. You may not know what it signifies on a conscious level, but your soul knows.

To learn more about soul groups and planning your lifetime(s), I recommend the book “Journey of Souls” by Dr. Michael Newton.