I am receiving more and more questions about the self publishing process. In such, I turn the questions it into a blog as to help all the people that have similar questions.

I was asked if you  need to sign up for createspace (Amazon Print On Demand books) and Kindle Direct (Ebooks), because there was not an option to purchase both as a package from Amazon.

I signed up for both Createspace and Kindle Direct Seperately. I put the book on createspace first because once it’s approved through createspace they move it to the book shelf on your kindle direct account for publishing to kindle, which is a nice feature. However, if they move your print book over to kindle direct, the formatting will be screwed up. I highly suggest that you have three seperate formats for your book done ahead of time:

  • Print on demand version
  • Kindle Version (mobi)
  • Smashwords version (epub; and smashwords will distribute to all other places that make ebooks, including barnes and noble, apple, etc).

I did not pay for a package on either Createspace or KindleDirect. I had all of the things you might pay for in a package done separately, and didn’t need a package.  I had both my cover done independently as well as Editing.  I had the editors also do the 3 formats of the book that I’d mentioned.

Most of the things I’m blogging about are things I learned as I went along.  If you are asking these questions and have not yet finished your manuscript, you’re getting ahead of yourself. There’s nothing wrong with doing the research ahead of time, but don’t let it distract you from writing the body of work, first.

If you’re reading this blog, and have other questions about self publishing or how I wrote my book, please check my other blogs with For Authors in the subject line.

I’m happy to help you answer questions, so if you have questions you would like me to continue to answer through my blogs, please send an email to lisajandres@aol.com

Many blessings to you,

I disclaim that this is information solely based on my own experience, and meant to help those considering the same options that I did. I am not being asked by or compensated by Amazon Createspace or Kindle Direct for these blogs.