This article originally appeared on Yahoo! Voices and is written by former student, Bel Marshall.

When I discovered that Lisa Andres was about to release her book “Gifted – A Development Guide for Mediums, Psychics & Intuitives,” I could not have been more excited. I had been waiting for this book for over two years and finally it was about to come to fruition.

Let me tell you why this book by this particular author was such a cause of joy for me.

I have worked in the metaphysical field since 2007. For the most part, I stumbled my way through the learning process of tapping into my own intuition and learning what worked and what did not. I read every book I could get my hands on and yet; most books left me feeling as if I was missing key tools, such as “How the heck do I do this?” “How do I know what is real and what I am making up in my head?” and about a million other “what the hell’s”.

I had heard of Lisa Andres through friends I had in the Twin Cities. I knew of her, I knew she had a solid reputation and was known to be both very accurate and very straight to the point. Lisa didn’t sugar coat but she was never intentionally hurtful or harsh either. She was pretty much, everything I looked for in both a peer and a person that I would seek services from, yet, I avoided contact with her at all cost.

In 2011, I moved to the Twin Cities and began to work there. One of my friends knew Lisa well and had convinced her to do some work through his healing center. I was there one day when she arrived to speak with my friend and I was blown away by this woman who beautiful both inside and out. She was intelligent, down to earth and one of the warmest people I have ever met. I loved her immediately and yet, there was still something made me nervous about her. Even so, I decided I would join a class/workshop/mentorship program she was co-facilitating at the healing center. Little did I know, I was about to find out why she made me so nervous.

Each class would have a section in which we all exercised our intuitive muscles. We would read for each other as students asked questions. We would write down whatever came to mind and then each student would share their thoughts. It didn’t seem to matter what the question was, I would come up with information that pertained to crossed over family members, pets, anyone or anything on the other side that wanted to be heard, they would find me during these classes. This did not please me. I had sworn I was not a medium, I was not going to be a medium, heck, I barely even believed mediums were anything but a bunch of con artists. I was not going to ever be one of those people who capitalize on another’s grief. It didn’t matter what the topic of the class was or who was asking questions, I kept getting dead people every time I was around Lisa. I no longer wondered why I avoided her for so long and why she made me nervous. I did not want to deal with this!

I would leave the classes and insist to myself it was just a fluke, it was just a lucky guess and then I found myself having a party in my bedroom in the middle of the night. All of a sudden, those bizarre occasional voices that I was 100% sure were in my head, showed up to chat me up all night long. I have never feared the spirit world but I sure as heck feared being a go between for them and the earth world. I had a few minor experiences before this time but each time, I got too close to really taking off with this ability, I would walk away from it. This time, it wouldn’t go away.

I remember having a conversation with Lisa about “What the hell do I do with all of this?” and having her once again calm me down and assure me that I was not going to hurt others with this and to just trust what I was given, to keep my own two cents out of it and give the information no matter how crazy it seemed to the person. Ok, so what about this party in my head and my bedroom at night? Lisa reminded me that I had the right to set boundaries and suggested I do just that. In time, I at least accepted that occasionally dead people show up and decide to give messages to their loved ones through me and honestly to this day, I still start out with the disclaimer that I don’t have a clue what I am doing. Thanks to Lisa, I am at least able to share the information without wanting to go hide under the covers.

When her book his the Amazon pages, I made sure to get my copy. In the book is a story about a woman who was a student and Lisa had written something down that was not in her own writing. When she handed that page to the woman, she burst into tears and recognized the writing as her own father. I am that woman and it was my dad’s writing that I had not seen since the 1990’s before he passed. My dad’s writing was unique in how he made certain letters and I could recognize it before I even pulled the envelope out of the mailbox. This felt like a message from heaven and I am quite sure it was. As talented as Lisa is as reader/channeler she is just as talented as a teacher and that talent shines through in this book.

“Gifted” is exactly the book, I needed in 2011. It covers everything from law of attraction to angels and a step by step list of how to prepare to do a reading and how to offer the reading. Having this book is a like having Lisa Andres take you by the hand as she has done with her students and walk you through the process. She keeps you grounded and assures you that you can do this.

You will find many different options in how to tap into and refine your own skills without a bunch of silly rituals or expensive items. This book is a down to earth guide to discovering and developing your own intuitive (psychic) gifts and abilities.

If you are seeking answers, guidance or just a little reassurance, this book is an absolute must have in your metaphysical library. It will become an invaluable reference tool as you discover your own path. It is written with great detail, yet in plain language. If you ever wished, someone would write a book and give you the guidance to hone your intuition without telling you that you have to chant for a week, become celibate or change your life to be “special” enough to do this work then this is exactly the book you need. Lisa Andres is truly gifted and when you are done with book, you will know for yourself just how gifted you are as well.

In case you are wondering. I no longer avoid Lisa. She is truly one of the finest people I have ever known and I am honored to have learned from her. While, I may not use my medium abilities often, when I do, I remember the things I learned from Lisa Andres, apply them. As I watch the relief, joy and yes, sometimes tears on the faces of loved ones who are so grateful for the information from their crossed over loved one, I wonder why I waited so long to share these messages of love and healing.


Former student of the author, all opinions are my own without compensation or request from the author or publisher