I have a feeling you likely have heard this term before. Perhaps you have an opinion on it, or perhaps not. Most of us have very old souls and have lived many lives before this one. Do you have an affinity towards any particular past era or time? Some of us may associate with the Civil War, some with Atlantis, and some may even feel drawn to Biblical times. They can be what you think of as real, or they can even be to places you have imagined such as Avalon and the story of The Excalibur. Perhaps some of the things that you are fascinated with involve outer space. Have you had a lifelong obsession with UFOs? If there is any time period or place that you feel consistently drawn to? If a time period or place shapes your life in any way, the odds are very good that you have lived a past life there.

I have a tattoo that says “Lady Day” as a tribute to Billie Holiday. I name all of my pets after musicians from that same jazz era (of the 1930s-1950s), I have had cats named after Dinah Washington, Charlie Parker and Nina Simone. Do you think I may have had a past life related to that? I also have many Paris themed items in my home. I took a trip to Paris (and loved it) which later led to my pursuit of learning the French language. This also points to the fact that I have lived a past life in or near Paris, France. When I recently told someone I knew that I loved the poppy flower, she pointed out that that was a symbol of World War I in France, and the hair stood up on the back of my neck. A friend of mine wanted to visit every American Civil War battleground. That’s likely not coincidence. So, your fascination with another time or place may extend to the point where you decorate your house like that time and place, dress in that era, or consistently visit a foreign place.

There are ways that you can have past life regressions or healings, and you can even do a guided meditation recording if you feel led to. You could even get a reading about it or ask your guides and angels for a dream about a past life that you can easily remember when you wake up. If you have a fear of something and you just cannot figure out where the fear came from, it is likely from another lifetime. Fears such as these can include claustrophobia or having a dramatic fear of snakes. There are practitioners that can help you with hypnosis and regression to explore these past lives in order to heal your current life. My friend has an over-the-top fear of snakes, to the point where he programmed all channels out of his TV that might even air a glimpse of a snake. I do not particularly like snakes, but he simply cannot handle it at all. I often wonder what happened to him in another lifetime with snakes.

There are common past life memories in many lightworkers. We often think we have a block in regards to our gifts. We have a fear of telling anyone that we might be psychic or mediums. This stems from having one or several lifetimes in which we have been persecuted for our esoteric gifts. Many of us have memories and fears associated with the Salem Witch Trials. We came to life and were burned at the stake; sometimes repeatedly. I did. When I asked the question to my spiritual team as to the reason, I was just told it was to bring awareness and light to the time. If you read that passage and had emotion or a knowing come up, it is likely that you were also alive at that time and persecuted as a witch.

Many of us also have a history of drowning in Atlantis. Yes, Atlantis. I remember as a little girl, whenever someone would mention Atlantis, the hair would stand up on the back of my neck, and it fascinated me. The first time I nearly drowned, in this life, was around the age of three or four. So, most of us that have a history associated with Atlantis have or had an unnatural fear of drowning. I did not think I did, and then my mother reminded me that I had a terrible fear of the pool or drowning as a small child. If you are from Atlantis, you resonate with this information. You likely have many rocks or crystals that you either have in your home as a decoration or even use for healing. You probably respect the fact that they need to be cleared in the moon and absorb energy or even feel alive. You like to be always near the water and probably know how to swim quite well, but you do not need to be in the water and probably have an aversion to the thought of sailing on a ship. Once I figured out I was from Atlantis, I realized people that are usually close to me, even being more than an acquaintance, were there in some way.

I did not know what to make of these places that I had always thought were fictitious but discovered were real. Then, however, I asked my guides what life the people at a job I had were from, and they simply said, “Avalon.”

All of the sudden, I could feel that energy and knew it was true. Even more interesting is the fact that my middle name is Jennifer. Jennifer is a modern day version of the name Guinevere, like the Guinevere from Avalon who is an Ascended Master (Goddess) today. So, if your name is Jennifer, you likely have a connection to Guinevere, too. It does not necessarily mean we were her, but it is a validation that we likely were there in Avalon at the time of Guinevere, Lancelot, and King Arthur.

If you read this information and thought, “I don’t believe that,” that is okay. I am not sure I even believed it when I first heard it. But the more that I do this, the more my mind opens to new ideas. What I do believe, without a doubt, is that past lives are real. Our soul is eternal, and many of us have been spiritual teachers in many lifetimes and volunteered to come to do that and help others again.

This is an excerpt from the book:

Gifted – A Development Guide for Mediums, Psychics & Intutives

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