When I started doing readings in my first series of psychic development classes in 2007, I had no idea what I was doing or that I could even give another person a reading. One thing we did at the end of each class was that we all got into a group. One person would play the ‘client’ and ask a question. The rest of us would take a few moments of silence and write down whatever messages we received. At the end of the time when we all went around and delivered our messages to the client, I always thought everyone gave a better message than I did. Gradually I’ve evolved into who I am today, and still my readings grow more each time I do them. I’m always learning something new to apply in readings.

When you give a reading, you are essentially intuiting information via clairvoyance, clairaudience or just knowing that you know and the information comes out. The way that happens is that your guides and angels access the life experience and memory you have as a file cabinet of sorts.  I provide many examples of how that has applied to my own readings in my book, Gifted – A Development Guide for Mediums, Psychics and Intuitives (available on Amazon.com).

Still, as I grow in my readings, I notice I receive new information that I’m piecing together as a symbol. It wasn’t until I went to a class last May for advanced Mediumship with John Holland that he really spoke about the symbols that our guides give us. He told us a few of the symbols he receives. Between that and hearing other readings he’s done on his radio show (on Hay House Radio), I’ve started to understand how symbols come through in readings. Now, when I see a birthday cake (in my mind) while I do the reading, I know that it means a significant birthday of the client or someone important to them. Perhaps it’s the loved one on the other side acknowledging a birthday.

The other night I did readings at a party where there were several people at a client’s house who I gave mini readings to. I am always surprised at how many of the readings I do mirror what’s going on in my own life. One of the clients mentioned that she finally found the love she’d been looking for, but now was uneasy about many of the changes that came with the merging of households. I just went through this with my boyfriend, and know exactly how she feels. Another of the clients had been having a problem conceiving a child, which is something that I have experienced in my past as well. I believe her guides brought her there to me because of the compassion and understanding I have at what she’s going through.

Still, there are some things that need to come to the surface in a reading in which my spiritual team has no past experience of mine to draw on. I have had a few Medium readings lately where I mention that there’s a male relative that feels like a lover, only to find out he was maybe an uncle. It took me a while to figure out that might mean my client was molested as a child. You may think it’s something you shouldn’t mention, but it may be something the client needs as evidence to heal. Yet, how do you SAY that to a client? Well, it’s a case by case basis. If it’s a public reading that I’m doing in a group setting, I’d be sure to ask a client if they want me to say everything. Or acknowledge the past abuse and then take my lead from the way the client reacts to it.

I am usually hard on myself after a reading about what I did or did not say, or how I said it. You may be, too. Perhaps you are impatient with your gifts unfolding, and frustrated that you aren’t like other Mediums, Psychics or Intuitives.

Years ago, when I was in a cover band that was performing every weekend, I was one of two female singers in the band. I’m confident in my ability to sing and good at what I do. At least I was until I heard the other singer belt out a song that first time. I remember thinking that there was no way I could complete with that. Then I realized I didn’t have to compete. I do not have to be her. I do not have to be Mariah Carey or Aretha Franklin. I just have to be Lisa Andres. There are people who want to hear exactly what I sing, and no one else can sing exactly like me.

Remember that you are competing with no one. You work for God to help others. The clients that come to you need to hear the message that you, and only you, can give. Be patient with yourself; your gifts will unfold exactly as they are supposed to. You are on exactly the right path at exactly the right moment, and beautiful just as you are.